Stevens County Fire-Rescue

Station 2 – Loon Lake, WA

The New Station 2, completed in May 2018, is located on Highway 292 in Loon Lake, Washington.  Station Two is a career and volunteer station staffed 24 hours per day and is also one of our busiest stations on the north end of the Fire District 1.Station Two houses,  Brush 2, Engine 2, Tender 2 and “Jeep Plow 2.”

The new District Office is also attached to Station Two in Loon Lake.

Emergency Medical Services

Stevens Co Fire Protection District #1 provides emergency medical service to all of the District’s 375 square mile response area. The District has a designated EMS quick response vehicle at each of our 8 fire stations. The District is listed with Washington State as a provider at the EMT-B level and a licensed Trauma response provider. We have approximately 25 EMT-B’s and provide care at the EMT-Intermediate level with approximately 12 EMT-Intermediates.

EMT-B Level personnel are able to provide basic medical and trauma care (airway, oxygen, splinting, bandaging, and automatic defibrillation) along with support to the ILS and ALS personnel.

EMT-I, or ILS for short, can provide basic level procedures along with some advanced care, including IV’s and medicinal support (for cardiac, diabetic and overdose emergencies) along with advanced airway management and EKG interpretation and defibrillation.

Deer Park Ambulance is our primary ground transport and paramedic agency. Life Flight provides air transport along with advanced care via a nurse and respiratory therapist.

The District provides monthly EMS training for our responders while encouraging our responders to take advantage of additional outside training opportunities. The District has been fortunate that some of our providers have been able to attend classes in Anniston, Alabama as well as at the National Fire Academy in Emmitsburg, Maryland.

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Stevens County Fire-Rescue